'newListener' 事件

    在将监听器添加到其内部监听器数组之前,EventEmitter 实例将触发自身的 'newListener' 事件。

    The EventEmitter instance will emit its own 'newListener' event before a listener is added to its internal array of listeners.

    Listeners registered for the 'newListener' event are passed the event name and a reference to the listener being added.

    The fact that the event is triggered before adding the listener has a subtle but important side effect: any additional listeners registered to the same name within the 'newListener' callback are inserted before the listener that is in the process of being added.

    class MyEmitter extends EventEmitter {}
    const myEmitter = new MyEmitter();
    // Only do this once so we don't loop forever
    myEmitter.once('newListener', (event, listener) => {
      if (event === 'event') {
        // Insert a new listener in front
        myEmitter.on('event', () => {
    myEmitter.on('event', () => {
    // Prints:
    //   B
    //   A