EventTarget 的错误处理

当注册的事件监听器抛出错误(或返回拒绝的 Promise)时,默认情况下,错误将被视为 process.nextTick() 上的未捕获异常。 这意味着 EventTarget 中未捕获的异常将默认终止 Node.js 进程。

When a registered event listener throws (or returns a Promise that rejects), by default the error is treated as an uncaught exception on process.nextTick(). This means uncaught exceptions in EventTargets will terminate the Node.js process by default.

Throwing within an event listener will not stop the other registered handlers from being invoked.

The EventTarget does not implement any special default handling for 'error' type events like EventEmitter.

Currently errors are first forwarded to the process.on('error') event before reaching process.on('uncaughtException'). This behavior is deprecated and will change in a future release to align EventTarget with other Node.js APIs. Any code relying on the process.on('error') event should be aligned with the new behavior.